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Executives with five U.S. government-focused satellite operators reacted with a mixture of skepticism and hope to a recent Defense Department report that said commercial satellite bandwidth typically...
Orbital Sciences Corp. is accusing a contractor of holding “hostage” hardware needed to launch a NASA-chartered cargo delivery to the international space station next April and is suing to recover...
Space Exploration Technologies Corp. will attempt to land the first stage of its Falcon 9 launch vehicle on a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean on its next mission.
As the satellite communications industry prepares to defend key spectrum bands next year, some observers believe that regardless of the outcome of that effort, the industry is facing long-term...
Space has become a collateral casualty in the tightening sanctions levied against Russia.
Spaceport America’s director says she is looking for additional users and revenue streams that will be required to eventually make the facility financially self-sufficient.
Intelsat and Hispasat have agreed to coordinate their use of Brazil-aimed Ku-band satellite capacity at the 55.5 degrees west orbital slot.
For startup operators, especially in less-developed nations, the ministry said, the so-called Space Protocol offers the hope of lower prices for space access, much as a similar protocol in existence...
An identical policy has been purchased for a second Argentine telecommunications spacecraft, ArSat-2, scheduled for launch in 2015. 


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