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The United States claims China conducted a “non-destructive” test of an anti-satellite missile.
Swanson served as the defense company’s chief executive from March 2003 to March 2014.
Creating an economic zone of influence that encompasses our solar system will be the single most difficult endeavor the human race has ever attempted.
So what do these launches imply? Has China established dominance in space? Does this mean the United States would now be unable to use its satellites in a military engagement with China, say, in the...
The recent abdication by executive branch policy of much of that U.S. leadership has placed it in continuing severe jeopardy.
Congressional inquiries about Falcon 9 anomalies border on loaded.
With the OCO-2 spacecraft in orbit and initial checkout running smoothly, Crisp says he is looking forward to returning to his role as a scientist, analyzing data and contributing to greater...
If NASA sends a nuclear-powered probe to Jupiter’s moon Europa, it would launch no sooner than 2024, and effectively rule out other nuclear missions to the outer solar system before then by tying up...
The U.S. Air Force has credited its block-buy strategy for saving money on satellite programs, but on its next generation of GPS navigation satellites any such savings could be offset in part by...
The French position suggests that what remains one of Galileo’s most promising domestic markets — European militaries — has not yet been fully won over.


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