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The White House, which is weighing the request, also must consider input from the other U.S. government stakeholders, including the departments of State, Commerce, Defense and Homeland Security. 
After a series of delays, SpaceX launched its third contracted cargo delivery mission to the international space station.
Yuzhnoye has become accustomed to maintaining its operations regardless of political turmoil.
DLR did a comparative analysis of Orbital and SpaceX as Europe considers how to adapt the Ariane rocket system to the changing commercial launch market.
Orbital said the electrical failure on the Orbital-built Amazonas 4A satellite launched in March appears likely to result in a permanent reduction in the satellite’s capacity.
Two senior Obama administration officials stressed a path directed by technology development and again dismissed the idea of setting astronauts on a fast-track mission to Mars.
SSL will build JSat's Ku-band JCSat-15 and Ku-/Ka-band JCSat-16 telecommunications satellites.
GPS 3 purchases would shrink a bit more if defense budgets return to sequestration levels in 2016 and beyond, and MDA would lose a combined $1.2 billion from 2016 through 2019.
The ORS Office is seeking to place the small satellite into an equatorial orbit with an altitude of 500-700 kilometers for less than $20 million.
The science instrument for a troubled ICESat-2 will be delivered at least nine months late.


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