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Globalstar Wins FCC Review on Use of Satellite Airwaves

Globalstar Inc. (GSAT) won regulatory review of its proposal to let mobile devices use airwaves now set aside for satellite service, potentially increasing the value of the spectrum it controls.

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission issued a notice on Nov. 1 saying it will consider rules Globalstar requested last year, according to a posting on the agency’s Website. A final decision on the request by the Covington, Louisiana-based satellite company depends on votes under new FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, who was confirmed by the Senate on Oct. 29.

The FCC’s action “represents a seminal development and yet another step forward in Globalstar’s renaissance,” Jay Monroe, Globalstar’s chief executive officer, said in a statement yesterday. “We look forward to receiving the public’s comments and working towards a final order over the next several months.”

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